Re: MostlySemanticMarkup

At 01:44 AM 3/28/2007 +0200, Håkon Wium Lie wrote:
>Also sprach Murray Maloney:
>  > If you really want semantic markup, use XML or SGML.
>These days, microformats built on top of HTML provide a better way to
>encode semantics, I believe. The big bonus is that your documents are
>usable by a billion browsers.

Microformats provide "another way" but I couldn't call it a better way,
at least not yet. Recent work with GRDDL has demonstrated that
Microformats often lack the rigor needed to "follow your nose"
to definitions of terms. Even when that rigor is eventually applied,
there will still be plenty of opportunity for ambiguity if microformats
use the same keywords. Namespace-discoverable definitions still seem
to be able to provide greater precision and reliability. At least for now.

Actually, I think that it would be worthwhile for everyone involved in this
HTML WG to take a look at


P.S. Hi Hakon

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