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Le 16 mars 2007 à 08:42, Laurens Holst a écrit :
> I mean, this is ****ing expensive software we’re talking about  
> (pardon my language), which has to work its ways around various  
> linguistic problems. Abbreviations seem to be one of the lesser  
> problematic ones, and they have budget to solve it. People pay for  
> these problems to be solved by their software, and those companies  
> are not going to depend on that 99% of the web suddenly getting  
> enlightenment and starting to add <abbr> tags to their web pages  
> for their solution.

Could someone or a team of two persons come up with a list of all  
"possible" test cases using
	- abbr
	- acronym
in different languages?

Posting the  list of test cases to the public-html mailing list, so  
we have something handy to test through

	- browsers
	- search engines
	- screen readers
	- automatic translators

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