RE: Proposing Named & Numbered Issues for HTML (was: Leading theForefront - with IRC ! ?)

> Sssh... don't say that too loudly; saying it makes it
> more likely to come true. ;-)


> Yes, I expect we'll eventually want named-and-numbered
> issues. But I like to start low-tech and add mechanisms
> as the need arises.
I can definitely appreciate that. But personally, I'm feeling that the need
has arisen. There are were over 50 message on this list just today (a Sunday
in the US).  I really want to be involved with this, but I can't do justice
to this many messages and I doubt anyone else who is not doing this full
time can either.  

If you can give us some tools that will allow us to reduce the number of
messages that we end up reading only to find out that we didn't need to read

> Have you seen the Agenda and Issues list I started?

Yes, but I see a numbered list of paragraphs, not something I can scan
quickly. If it were a static doc it would be one thing, but it is a living
document that needs to be constantly changed, and we need a way to stay
current without having to read the whole thing repeatedly.

-Mike Schinkel -

Received on Monday, 26 March 2007 03:42:09 UTC