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RE:%20My%20comments%20on%20tables%20vs%20image%20maps&In-Reply-To=<01BDBC69.992A Davelofy@aol.com (Thursday, 29 March)

Re: Kynn's Soapbox: Accessibility and Usability (was: accessibility makeovers) Steven McCaffrey (Thursday, 29 March)

accesible Websites/make-overs inekemaa@xs4all.nl (Thursday, 29 March)

Parody of commercial websites Karl Dubost (Thursday, 29 March)

Scheduling (third) last call review for User Agent Accessibility Guidelines 1.0 Ian Jacobs (Wednesday, 28 March)

accessibility makeovers Paul Bohman (Tuesday, 27 March)

isketch.net Jonathan Chetwynd (Tuesday, 27 March)

Netscape Accessibility Job correction Aaron Leventhal (Monday, 26 March)

Netscape Accessibility Job opening Aaron Leventhal (Tuesday, 27 March)

CSS - font-size Laurie Davis-Covin (Monday, 26 March)

April is Accessibility Month at HTML Writers Guild Kynn Bartlett (Monday, 26 March)

FWD: "Traffic: Hit Box Reporter" Kynn Bartlett (Monday, 26 March)

media: web able releases new product: David Poehlman (Thursday, 22 March)

FYI: review and repair of Web interface to W3C email archives Al Gilman (Thursday, 22 March)

Tidbits tetralogy draws to a close joeclark@reddevil.seeto.com (Wednesday, 21 March)

Re: Please review: Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0 Wor king Draft mmclachlan@enmax.com (Wednesday, 21 March)

media: AbleTV's webcast of the CSUN keynote address . . . jeffrey Pledger (Tuesday, 20 March)

Skipping navigation tactics Jamie Mackay (Tuesday, 20 March)

some quick forms pointers, perhaps Jennifer Sutton (Friday, 16 March)

doing it right?Fw: [jfw-employment] forms accessible David Poehlman (Friday, 16 March)

WML question Suzanne Nikolaisen (Friday, 16 March)

Chat systems and accessibility Charles McCathieNevile (Friday, 16 March)

new list:Fw: NEW: Webcreationz - News and Tips David Poehlman (Friday, 16 March)

Press Release: Reef Debuts EveryWare [nee Edapta] Kynn Bartlett (Wednesday, 14 March)

"Guest Lecturers" (volunteers) Sought for Online Course Kynn Bartlett (Wednesday, 14 March)

ezine:Fw: The Webwriters' Tipsheet Ezine David Poehlman (Wednesday, 14 March)

media: AbleTV's webcast of the AFB event on 3/16/2001 . . . Jeffrey Pledger (Wednesday, 14 March)

listservs sarah@thedesigngirl.com (Wednesday, 14 March)

curiouser and curiouser David Poehlman (Tuesday, 13 March)

Tidbits accessibility article joeclark@contenu.nu (Tuesday, 13 March)

Applying the guidelines. Emmanuelle Gutiérrez y Restrepo (Tuesday, 13 March)

New book coming out joeclark@contenu.nu (Tuesday, 13 March)

Adobe Announces Acrobat 5.0 -- Support for Accessibility Mike Paciello (Tuesday, 13 March)

FW: Web Page Disability Access Design Nouiouat, Athmane (Tuesday, 13 March)

Text version of image used as a link Graham Oliver (Monday, 12 March)

Resource site I never knew about... Kynn Bartlett (Friday, 9 March)

Most Web Books Ignore Accessibility and Usability Harvey Bingham (Friday, 9 March)

CREN Webcast on Web accessibility, Thursday March 8 4pm US EST Judy Brewer (Thursday, 8 March)

Forms???? Hemm, Randy [IMS] (Thursday, 8 March)

Other browsers, etc... Suzanne Nikolaisen (Thursday, 8 March)

Re: <HR> Sean B. Palmer (Thursday, 8 March)

<HR> (was Re: Fleet Boston's...) iris (Wednesday, 7 March)

Process/Procedure for Accessibility Testing of Software Kynn Bartlett (Wednesday, 7 March)

Text unavailable to sighted users but available to screen reader users Graham Oliver (Tuesday, 6 March)

Fleet Boston's Web Access Standards kelly@ripco.com (Tuesday, 6 March)

How to improve a weblog for access step by step Don Saklad (Monday, 5 March)

device independence Robert Neff (Sunday, 4 March)

blocking enter key form submission: David Poehlman (Saturday, 3 March)

Amusing (but very annoying) accessibility error Jon Hanna (Friday, 2 March)

question on embedded documents and screenreaders Anthony Quinn (Friday, 2 March)

[w3c-wai-ig] side menu and screen readers Bernard Silva (Friday, 2 March)

Row and Column Headers - Only 1 Logical Level Graham Oliver (Friday, 2 March)

Guide to Problematial Boston Public Library Use http://GuideToProblematicalLibraryUse.weblogs.com/stories Don Saklad (Friday, 2 March)

Lotus Domino and Accessible Tables Graham Oliver (Thursday, 1 March)

Fwd: Plain Language Resources Kynn Bartlett (Tuesday, 27 February)

media: AbleTV's webcast of the Garrett Decision . . . Jeffrey Pledger (Tuesday, 27 February)

Literacy in the UK Jonathan Chetwynd (Thursday, 22 February)

Controlling headers w/ CSS David Clark (Wednesday, 21 February)

Access Solutions to Rich Media Project Andrew Kirkpatrick (Wednesday, 21 February)

ALT - TITLE - LONGDESC? Chuck Letourneau (Tuesday, 20 February)

Any examples of <NOSCRIPT>? Jim Thatcher (Tuesday, 20 February)

RE: Publishing Tools and accessibility guidelines HARRIS Rachel D (Tuesday, 20 February)

508 wording/intent Bailey, Bruce (Tuesday, 20 February)

Plural acronyms K Roberts (Monday, 19 February)

Human Markup Language -- Initiative rkthunga@humanmarkup.org (Monday, 19 February)

FW: Speaker for grad class at KSU? (Request for Speaker in Kansas) Mike Paciello (Sunday, 18 February)

opinions on deprecated code plus Alice Anderson (Saturday, 17 February)

Frame Title and Screenreader Access Laurie Harrison (Saturday, 17 February)

Going The Whole Hog Sean B. Palmer (Friday, 16 February)

Public Comment Period for Digital Talking Book standard Lloyd G. Rasmussen (Friday, 16 February)

RE: 508 Accessibility Deadline - Accessibility Testing Fitzgerald, Jimmie (Friday, 16 February)

I Want to Learn about ECMAScript Martin McCormick (Friday, 16 February)

[w3c-wai-ig] <none> Anirvan Basu (Friday, 16 February)

Re: 508 Accessibility Deadline - Accessibility Testing jaime-suarez@data-dimensions.com (Friday, 16 February)

OS for the LD/CD crowd? Bailey, Bruce (Thursday, 15 February)

508 Accessibility Deadline Fitzgerald, Jimmie (Thursday, 15 February)

Screen readers and Lists Andrew Arch (Thursday, 15 February)

Animated GIFs and accessibility guidelines Brian Kelly (Thursday, 15 February)

Web Accessibility Ripples Through IT Harvey Bingham (Thursday, 15 February)

Review reminder: Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0 Working Draft Judy Brewer (Thursday, 15 February)

Tone of messages Judy Brewer (Wednesday, 14 February)

AnyBrowser.com Bailey, Bruce (Wednesday, 14 February)

Languages and 508 for the Web Katie Haritos-Shea (Wednesday, 14 February)

[media] Breaking the Access Barrier Kathleen Anderson (Wednesday, 14 February)

WAI Interest Group meeting, Saturday, March 24, 2001, following CSUN 2001 Judy Brewer (Tuesday, 13 February)

Testing Cold Fusion Code [was Aaargh] Leonard R. Kasday (Tuesday, 13 February)

Table Rendering Bug [was RE: Aaargh .. Whatever happened to Bobby Leonard R. Kasday (Tuesday, 13 February)

RE: Section 508 Question on Javascript - Section 1194.22, Parag raph (l) Kynn Bartlett (Monday, 12 February)

RE: Section 508 Question on Javascript - Section 1194.22, Parag raph (l) Reidy Brown (Monday, 12 February)

Aaargh .. Whatever happened to Bobby? Nick Kew (Monday, 12 February)

Section 508 Question on Javascript - Section 1194.22, Paragraph (l) Graham Oliver (Monday, 12 February)

FYI: Re: Accessibility of "fusion" services Al Gilman (Monday, 12 February)

[media] Making Sites Accessible Makes Sense For All Customers Kathleen Anderson (Monday, 12 February)

Associate Data and Header cells Lubow Scott (Monday, 12 February)

[media] Web Accessibility Ripples Through IT Kathleen Anderson (Monday, 12 February)

HTML Validation from browser (Opera 5) Graham Oliver (Sunday, 11 February)

A List Apart: The Politics of Design Bailey, Bruce (Friday, 9 February)

Call for Articles Schmetzke, Axel (Friday, 9 February)

Examples of screen reader processing Fitzgerald, Jimmie (Friday, 9 February)

[media] What Should Sites Do for People with Disabilities? Kathleen Anderson (Friday, 9 February)

talk your way through the web! David Poehlman (Friday, 9 February)

Client Side vs. Server Side Image Maps Lubow Scott (Thursday, 8 February)

New Zealand E-Government Web Guidelines - Exposure Draft Graham Oliver (Wednesday, 7 February)

Consumers combat pop-ups with software, Tricks laura.dangelo@hrdc-drhc.gc.ca (Wednesday, 7 February)

ABBR vs ACRONYM, round 57894174803 [a tirade] Bailey, Bruce (Wednesday, 7 February)

media:Fw: Consumers combat pop-ups with software, Tricks David Poehlman (Wednesday, 7 February)

Commercial toolkit looking for review/guineapigs Nick Kew (Wednesday, 7 February)

UIML Europe 2001 Didier Courtaud (Wednesday, 7 February)

JAWS Example Fitzgerald, Jimmie (Tuesday, 6 February)

Printing shockwave? Jonathan Chetwynd (Tuesday, 6 February)

sites with bobby rating Paul Davis (Tuesday, 6 February)

FAQ for Accessible Web Design Online Course Kynn Bartlett (Monday, 5 February)

use of alt attributes in decorative images Bailey, Bruce (Monday, 5 February)

[w3c-wai-ig] <none> Bailey, Bruce (Monday, 5 February)

US Legal and Policy Resources Source Harvey Bingham (Monday, 5 February)

sites with bobby rating Paul Davis (Monday, 5 February)

Bobby rating over rated Paul Davis (Monday, 5 February)

HTML validator Robert Neff (Sunday, 4 February)

bobby compliant Robert Neff (Sunday, 4 February)

Accessible chat software David Clark (Sunday, 4 February)

RE: wtop Let Us Hear From You Robert Neff (Friday, 2 February)

FYI: Fulfilling America’s Promise to Americans with Disabilities Harvey Bingham (Friday, 2 February)

buying power Robert Neff (Friday, 2 February)

cio discusses accessibility Robert Neff (Friday, 2 February)

Online Course: Revised HWG D201, Accessible Web Design Kynn Bartlett (Friday, 2 February)

Fw: Call for Articles: Accessibility of Web-Based Information Resourc es David Poehlman (Thursday, 1 February)

President's New Freedom Initiative on disability Robert Neff (Thursday, 1 February)

Table columns and screen readers Rebecca Cox (Wednesday, 31 January)

Acronyms... With Indistinct Spellings Sean B. Palmer (Wednesday, 31 January)

media:Fw: Fwd: Wired News :Adobe's Novel Approach to E-Books David Poehlman (Wednesday, 31 January)

Call for Papers: New international journal UNIVERSAL ACCESS IN THE INFORMATION SOCIETY Constantine Stephanidis (Tuesday, 30 January)

media: isps move forward with accessability plans David Poehlman (Tuesday, 30 January)

Potential Market Places was Off Topic Question on Size of Market for 'Accessible Web Services' Paul Davis (Tuesday, 30 January)

Lynx user Judy Schnitzer (Tuesday, 30 January)

A question of titles Jim Thatcher (Tuesday, 30 January)

Off Topic Question on Size of Market for 'Accessible Web Services' Paul Davis (Monday, 29 January)

ARPCT Selway, James K (Monday, 29 January)

Fw: Follow up on inquiry about Pocket Coach David Poehlman (Monday, 29 January)

Importance of interchangeable electronic information T. V. Raman (Sunday, 28 January)

Re: Congratulations, David (+Larry and Lila) Harvey Bingham (Saturday, 27 January)

Off Topic Question on Size of Market for 'Accessible Web Services' Graham Oliver (Saturday, 27 January)

Comments on WCAG 2.0 Working Draft Graham Oliver (Friday, 26 January)

CSUN 2001 Presentations Lloyd G. Rasmussen (Friday, 26 January)

Do it yourself Rapidfind (Friday, 26 January)

Alert to guide-dog users travelling to Europe-- T. V. Raman (Friday, 26 January)

media:Fw: Webcast on Section 508 Regs and On-site Resources David Poehlman (Friday, 26 January)

Please review: Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0 Working Draft Judy Brewer (Thursday, 25 January)

Betsie and other text only conversion applications Jamie Mackay (Thursday, 25 January)

use of alt attributes in decorative images Frank Tobin (Wednesday, 24 January)

Design Question Kelly Ford (Wednesday, 24 January)

announcing WebSound 1.0 Lori.Petrucci@cui.unige.ch (Wednesday, 24 January)

character codes and repeated link phrase questions Jamie Mackay (Tuesday, 23 January)

Accessibility - A perfect solution? Fitzgerald, Jimmie (Tuesday, 23 January)

Accessibility of federal statistical tables Steven McCaffrey (Tuesday, 23 January)

New White House site Kynn Bartlett (Monday, 22 January)

Standard Keyboard Controls? Kristi R Schueler/NONFS/USDAFS (Monday, 22 January)

Can the W3C HML validaor send email when the page becomes invalid (was Re: WWW: Interoperability Crisis?) Brian Kelly (Monday, 22 January)

Keep the list on topic [ was RE: FW: Disturbing trend in tables] Brown, Lorelei (Monday, 22 January)

RE: FW: Disturbing trend in tables Bailey, Bruce (Monday, 22 January)

Re: Keyboard Alternatives and Vision Solutions Bailey, Bruce (Monday, 22 January)

Re: Fw: Disturbing trend in tables (fwd) Nick Kew (Monday, 22 January)

[w3c-wai-ig] <none> Taylor-Made (Saturday, 20 January)

[w3c-wai-ig] <none> Taylor-Made (Saturday, 20 January)

Trace ListServs Bailey, Bruce (Friday, 19 January)

[w3c-wai-ig] <none> Paul Davis (Friday, 19 January)

seeking information on W3C compliance for dynamically generated w eb pages Pedlow, Robert (Friday, 19 January)

B vs Strong Kynn Bartlett (Friday, 19 January)

server side images for geographic mapping data Schuur, Shawn M (Thursday, 18 January)

media: aaa from a f b? David Poehlman (Thursday, 18 January)

Keyboard Alternatives and Vision Solutions Terry Hammon (Thursday, 18 January)

unsubscrib Lesley Armon (Wednesday, 17 January)

Caution about Style Sheets Jim Thatcher (Wednesday, 17 January)

playing sounds in netscape or ie, using javascript: onmouseover Jonathan Chetwynd (Tuesday, 16 January)

MouseOver in Netscape Kristina Seyer Smith (Tuesday, 16 January)

playing sounds in netscape, using javascript jonathan chetwynd (Monday, 15 January)

testing to ensure 508 compliance Anthony Quinn (Monday, 15 January)

Is This JavaScript Menu Accessible? Christopher Atkinson (Monday, 15 January)

Indicating Compliance Fitzgerald, Jimmie (Friday, 12 January)

ISO-HTML and headers / form elements Nicolas Lesbats (Friday, 12 January)

Examples of checkpoint 6.4? Thomas, Cassandra (Friday, 12 January)

Somehwhat OT - Size of Accessibility Market Thomas, Cassandra (Friday, 12 January)

First European UIML conference Didier Courtaud (Friday, 12 January)

media:Fw: Web Usability, accessibility closely related David Poehlman (Friday, 12 January)

Web AccessiBlog posted Joe Clark (Friday, 12 January)

disturbing trend... oops, should have read Steven McCaffrey (Wednesday, 10 January)

user defined stylesheets Anthony Quinn (Wednesday, 10 January)

RE: Disturbing trend in tables Fitzgerald, Jimmie (Wednesday, 10 January)

Fw: Disturbing trend in tables David Poehlman (Wednesday, 10 January)

MacWorld at SanFrancisco Bailey, Bruce (Tuesday, 9 January)

Guideline 1.2 Frank Gaine (Tuesday, 9 January)

RE: Guideline 11 Interpretation Fitzgerald, Jimmie (Monday, 8 January)

Re: Guideline 11 Interpretation Alice Anderson (Monday, 8 January)

BayCHI meeting on future Oracle interfaces and GNOME Scott Luebking (Monday, 8 January)

Re: sample CSS for screen readers Oliver@iic-ltd.com (Monday, 8 January)

Ooops--Sorry. Overreaction. daniel smith (Sunday, 7 January)

VIRUS IN ABOVE HAHA MESSAGE! daniel smith (Sunday, 7 January)

Cross platform accesibility & Netscape effort underway Aaron Leventhal (Friday, 5 January)

an interesting question Michael Burks (Friday, 5 January)

Tables and Screen reader question Charles McCathieNevile (Friday, 5 January)

How closely does Windows narrator simulate JAWS Anthony Quinn (Friday, 5 January)

Screen reader question: data table documentation Reidy Brown (Thursday, 4 January)

javascript and 508 redux David Poehlman (Thursday, 4 January)

QUESTION: use of javascript to comply with Sect 508 Reidy Brown (Thursday, 4 January)

RE: Politics: Strict Guidelines Considered Harmful Cynthia Waddell (Thursday, 4 January)

Macromedia article on my CNet Accessibility Session Kynn Bartlett (Thursday, 4 January)

screen readers Paul Davis (Wednesday, 3 January)

New Web Technology Released - How does this meet with Section 508? Kristi R Schueler/NONFS/USDAFS (Wednesday, 3 January)

screen readers Schuur, Shawn M (Wednesday, 3 January)

sound problems Jonathan Chetwynd (Wednesday, 3 January)

Methodology Mike Baker (Wednesday, 3 January)

WAI Website design Selway, James K (Tuesday, 2 January)

RE: FYI Reidy Brown (Tuesday, 2 January)

info:Fw: Section 508 regs and Web Pages David Poehlman (Tuesday, 2 January)

Graphic Designers are Allies, not Egotistical Enemies Paul Davis (Monday, 1 January)

Re: Is AAA possible? daniel smith (Monday, 1 January)

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