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There is a "browser emulator" at:

It emulates: NCSA Mosaic, Netscape Mosaic, Netscape Communicator, Lynx,
Internet Explorer and HotJava.

The site isn't accessible by WCAG 1.0 standards, and I'm unsure of its
accuracy but in my experience it has satisfied my curiosity, though I don't
rely on it for testing.


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There used to be (maybe there still is) a web site that you could submit a
URI to and it would send back a page with images of what your page would
look like in an assortment of browsers. I don't know how they did it, but it
was quite effective (although purely visual).

I think that if such a tool as Anthony describes were built, the best place
to put it would be on-line. Why not, instead of just validation of code or a
list of potential problems (think W3C validator and Bobby), a site that
actually *shows* you what your page would look like on various platforms and
browsers (including speech streamed in some format)?

To paraphrase... an example is worth a thousand words. Maybe the folks at
CAST could implement something like this. Or maybe someone else could build
a site that just polled Bobby and various validators and then combined the
information with actual examples.

OK, if a profit-motive is necessary, it could be a stand-alone package and
sold at a reasonable price (or a subscription site). If it were well done,
I'd buy one. So would a lot of organizations and individuals.

Charles Munat

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