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thanks for the clarification. Graham Oliver wrote the intial request, so I
will defer to him. But as I read it his original request was specifically
whether it was possible to get the th element _without_ hand-coding such as
inserting passthrough code.

see the begining of this thread at


Charles McCN

On Mon, 5 Mar 2001, Gatewood, Joy wrote:

  I'm assuming that you are talking about the Domino designer tool.

  According to the documentation, one can either use the tool to
  generate html code, or one can insert pre-written code.

  For the latter instance, the <TH> tag is supported.

  If the issue is pass through HTML, thats a horse of a different
  color.  Many tools let the developer/designer get away with not
  writing alt tags, etc. Front Page is such a tool, and given that
  the Microsoft platform is the most proliferate at the government
  level, it seems a more problematic issue.

  Joy Gatewood

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  I asked the Lotus folks and they said Lotus does not supprt th. So they are
  interested in documenting why it is important.

  As a start, it is the feature most easily used by tablin and other software
  to extract
  information based on being able to find the headers.

  Ay other thoughts?

  Charles McCN

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