Applying the guidelines.

Hi all,

Applying the guidelines, it is the title of the document that some months
ago announced that I was writing, in which I explain each one of the "Quick
Tips", the procedure to apply the guideline as it is used FrontPage,
HomeSite, HotMetal, Dreamwever or Amaya; it shows examples of Good
Practical, Practical Antiquated and Bad Practices; and I explain what tool
it is more appropriate to verify the correct application of each guideline.

The document was presented during the Seminar of the COST 219 bis, last day

The document is still in development, it lacks to describe the procedure
with some tools in some rules. You can see it in:

Comments, observations and suggestions will be welcome, to:



Received on Tuesday, 13 March 2001 05:42:04 UTC