Re: Accessible chat software

At 02:03 AM 2/4/2001 , Charles McCathieNevile wrote:
>Hi Dave,
>have you thought about using IRC? There are a lot of clients available on
>different systems. Do other people have experience with trying to use IRC?

I'd second this; I looked into the issue several years ago and
the benefit of using IRC is that it's been around a long time and
it's relatively non-proprietary.  This means that there have been
people with disabilities successfully (to varying degrees) using
IRC for quite some time, and it also avoids the problem with most
chat systems of having to relearn the entire system for each site
you visit.

I'm not saying it's a perfect solution, but since there are few if
any standards for interactive chat, and no known accessible standards,
it may be the best we can do today.

Hey, there's a question -- why hasn't the W3C specifically addressed
the issue of chat services over the web/Internet and the accessibility
and interoperability thereof?

Politics, maybe?

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