RE: Fw: Disturbing trend in tables

At 04:48 PM 1/18/2001, Anne Pemberton wrote:
>No, Robert,
>      We don't need "quantitative metrics" so much as we need to separate
>the genuine needs of disabled persons from the "web development
>philosophies" ... Some of the needs of humans are subjective ... a human
>has to decide if a given graphic is "decorative" or "illustrative" ... or
>if a given text is "comprehensible" or "obtuse" ... or if an alt tag is
>sufficient or if a long description is called for.

I don't think you're asking for different things here, I think you
are both expressing valid needs that must be met.

--Kynn, a uniter not a divider

Received on Thursday, 18 January 2001 20:20:57 UTC