RE: Any examples of <NOSCRIPT>?

At 05:17 AM 2/21/2001 , Steven McCaffrey wrote:

>Kynn wrote:
>the same -effect- of a pop-up:  the "goodbye" message appears whenever
>ANYONE leaves the site."
>Excellent.  Your adaptation I consider "equivalent".  This emphasizes again   the importance of not focusing on the use of this or that tag 
>but rather  on making sure the overall effect is equivalent.

Yeah, unfortunately edapating an equivalent "effect" is much more
art than science; it's harder to distill exactly what you need to
do into a set of rules.  And of course you have to have appropriate
technical support for any sort of changes you want to make, AND
you have to understand usability, AND you have to have a knowledge
of what I sometimes disparagingly (but still lovingly!) call "tag
trivia", and you have to be a good interface designer.

I myself am only good at a few of those, which is why I can talk
a good fight but I have to hire UI designers and programmers if I
need a great user interface! :)


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