Re: Fw: Disturbing trend in tables

"Bailey, Bruce" wrote:
> Ben,
> The other accessibility problem I know of with FP2K is image maps.  The UI
> provides no mechanism for putting ALT text on the hot spots.  I haven't
> tried this, but does FP do frames?  If so, what does it do for the frame
> labels and the noframes section?
> Thanks again.
> Sincerely,
> Bruce Bailey
> ED OCIO Assistive Technology Team

There a free FrontPage 2000 addin available at:  called "Alt-text for Image Maps"; it's a
utility that makes it easy to add alt text for hotspots in image maps. 

We've been teaching state webmasters about it in our our web site
accessibility training classes.  It works really well.


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Office of the State Comptroller
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Received on Tuesday, 16 January 2001 18:18:16 UTC