Adobe Announces Acrobat 5.0 -- Support for Accessibility

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Adobe officially announced the release of Acrobat 5.0. The complete press
release and product description can be found at: and additional information

I've extracted the information concerning Acrobat and PDF accessibility

Make Documents Accessible

Acrobat 5.0 software lets you create Adobe PDF documents that are accessible
to those with disabilities.

Support for high- contrast- Acrobat fully supports high- contrast settings,
which enable workers with low vision impairments to more easily read Adobe
PDF documents.

Support for screen readers- Acrobat 5.0 lets you create documents that are
compatible with third- party, Windows- based screen readers, such as Henter-
Joyce's JAWS and Window- Eyes from GW Micro, Inc. Screen readers synthesize
text into speech.

Keyboard shortcuts- Acrobat Reader software enables functionality to be
controlled through keyboard shortcuts, making it easier for people with a
broad range of disabilities to take full advantage of Acrobat.



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