Re: Accessible chat software

> I am trying to find an accessible chat program to install on a site I am
> working on. I have found some that are perl-base (and therefore tweakable),
> but all seem to be dependent on meta-refresh.

They would have to use Refresh (non-standard) HTTP headers or the meta
equivalent, or Javascript, if they were implemented with HTML; in my view
scripting is an even worse option than Refresh.  The web has a pull,
user controlled, model of operation, but chat is designed for a push
mode of operation, which really needs the use of proper chat protocols.

Refresh was basically invented to simulate push (and actually marketed as
"server push" technology) to shift the balance away from the user to the
author, whilst not changing web servers, or requiring firewall policies
to be relaxed.  As well as philosophical considerations, by polling the
server, it puts an unnecessary load on the network.

You should use an appropriate technology, remembering that the original
aim of the web was to help locate resources of multiple forms, not to
do everything using HTTP and HTML.

(I've not freqented web chat servers, but I'm pretty sure that the only
reasons that forums were created were:

- NNTP doesn't provide a means of adding advertising;

- USENET makes it difficult (for good reasons) for ad hoc group creation.)

Received on Sunday, 4 February 2001 05:45:47 UTC