RE: President's New Freedom Initiative on disability - Clarification Sought

Just looking at the 'posting conditions' for this

(This mailing list is for..) Activity in terms of
meeting agenda, presentations being made, results, but
also exchange ideas, and give input to the working

This seems to fit in the 'exchange ideas'?

W3C are also clear on only posting to _one_ group, so
if this doesn't get posted here, where would it get
Do we need clearer guidelines on the type of postings
acceptable in this list?
I would be loath to miss the opportunity of seeing
something like Robert's post. It seems relevant to me
even though I live and work in New Zealand.

Clarification Sought.

Graham Oliver

--- Judy Brewer <> wrote: > Rob, > >
Thanks for the info on this -- but please try to >
keep messages on this list > brief; as focused as
possible on Web accessibility; > and bear in mind that
> not everyone on the list is from the U.S. > > If
there's follow-up information available on this, >
please send it as a > pointer to a URI, and/or excerpt
the brief part that > might be relevant to > Web
accessibility. > > Thank you, > > - Judy > > At 05:41
PM 2/1/01 -0600, Robert Neff wrote: > > > >In regards
to the President's New Freedom > Initiative on
disability, here is > >what I just received from the
person who gave this > to me. > > > ><start snippet> >
> > >This is a slightly revised campaign version... >
There are few if any changes. > >However > >when I get
the final electronic version, I'll send > it to you. >
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