Table Rendering Bug [was RE: Aaargh .. Whatever happened to Bobby

I think the major complaint Nick had about the Bobby page, text overlapping 
into a table, is actually an interesting table rendering bug in the major 
browsers.  I made a test page [1] containing, visually speaking, 
preformatted text on the left and a table on the right. When you make the 
browser window narrow, the text overlaps the table, making both unreadable.

By the way, to avoid red herrings, I didn't use tables for layout in this 
example.  The table is a data table.

This is an accessibility issue because the point at which they overap 
depends on font size.  In other words you make the text larger, e.g. using 
the View > text size menu, it will cause the overlap.

The page passes the w3 validator at the HTML 4/transitional level.  This 
bug shows up in MISE 5, NN 4.73, and Opera 3.21 (gotta update my home 



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