RE: Lotus Domino and Accessible Tables

Yes I was looking at being able to generate the 'th'
element without reverting to hand coding html.
I think that the biggest leverage with Lotus is a
focus on the 508 legislation / WAI checkpoint
'Row and column headers shall be identified for data
I don't think it would be too big a stretch for them
to build it into Domino Designer.
They have been very good at considering accessibility
of the Lotus Notes client.

<Domino technical bit>
Interestingly enough when Domino renders a view to the
web it does so as a table, with 'th' elements for the
column titles. Thus it is possible to create a table
that satisfies the letter of the above law, but how
the resulting 'table' would perform under a screen
reader I don't know.
</Domino technical bit>

I am just finishing (today) an article on how to
produce an accessible form with Domino. One of the
underlying themes of the article is to produce
accessible design whilst leveraging Domino's RAD
(Rapid Application Development) capabilities.
The form ends up as Double A compliant without too
much work. If anyone would like a copy, just let me

btw Charles I have tried to contact Cynthia Ice at
Iris (the developers of Notes/Domino) because I think
she is their accessibility person, but no reply so

Graham Oliver

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Received on Monday, 5 March 2001 15:28:05 UTC