Re: Screen Readers

I don't know what you covered with the Lynx user, but there are many things
to try.  Adjust the level of punctuation output by the screen reader.  Tell
Lynx that it is talking to a DOS machine, which means that you set the Lynx
options "display Charset" to Code Page 437.  This turns some bullet
characters such as • into ctrl-G, which Vocal-Eyes can read as "tiny
dot".  I think the code page 437 trick is one of the more useful and less
documented ones.

Of course, another useful and poorly documented feature is the "grab text
from Windows clipboard" ctrl-W, and the "put text onto clipboard" ctrl-S of
the Lynx/32 version.

At 10:55 AM 2/19/01 -0500, you wrote:
>A comment about lynx.  unless you test your site using lynx with a
>screen reader whether it be unix, linux, dos or windows, you may still
>run into stumbling blocks because some characters that look fine in
>lynx do not necessarily translate to screen readers as I have been
>discussing with someone off list who is pretty sharp on this.  We were
>discussing using certain symbols for bullets in an marked up list and
>the fact that screen readers do not recognize or read correctly some
>of the mark up.
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