FW: Speaker for grad class at KSU? (Request for Speaker in Kansas)

Hi --

I received this request for help from Dan Andresen at Kansas State
University. They are looking for a potential local speaker.

This seems like a great opportunity to build awarness at the University
level. Please contact Dan directly. No need to respond to me.

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From: Dan Andresen [mailto:dan@cis.ksu.edu]
Sent: Thursday, February 15, 2001 12:47 PM
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Subject: Speaker for grad class at KSU?

Mr. Paciello,

I enjoyed your book on Web Accessibility for people with disabilities, and
would like to have a speaker come in to talk to my grad class on Advanced
WWW Technologies (http://www.cis.ksu.edu/~dan/cis726/web/home.html) on
these issues. Would you have any suggested speakers that might be in the

The course meets Tuesday/Thursday from 12:30-1:45PM on the KSU campus, and
has about 80 students enrolled, primarily MS students in Computer
Science. Your book is one of the optional texts, but I think a lecture
would do a much better job at emphasizing the need to design for people
with disabilities as well as the other parts of the target audience.

Feel free to give me a call, 785-532-6350, or email.

Dan Andresen, dan@cis.ksu.edu

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