Re: use of alt attributes in decorative images

At 06:21 AM 1/25/2001 , David Poehlman wrote:
>please don't use the word picture in a title for an image.  we already
>know it is an image.
(Kynn wrote:)
>They should have ALT="" if they are -purely- visual decoration.
>You can use TITLE="Picture of a bird on a branch" or the
>LONGDESC attribute if you need to add further explanation to these

Actually, I would say that using that in title _is_ appropriate,
as it's a statement of what purpose and function the element
serves on the page.  "Picture of..." should never be in ALT
but I think it is very appropriate for TITLE of an image.

Frank, as you can see, there is often some disagreement about
how best to mark up certain parts of a web page.


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