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Since the question is about the City of San Jose web references, I thought I
should respond since I wrote the page when I was at the City as their ADA
Compliance Officer.  For everyone's information, the city web standard was
written in 1995, prior to the launch of the WAI and does not address W3C.
Now that Section 508 has been released, I believe the City will be
implementing Section 508 which includes 11 of the W3C Web Content
Accessibility Guidelines, Priority Level One.  However, since I am no longer
with the City, my understanding may now be incorrect.  The City has not
filled my previous position and is currently looking for candidates.

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Cynthia Waddell

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Hello there,

A while ago somebody sent to this group a very sueful email where they
provided a good intro
to Web accessibility with some references. One of the referenced examples
( I looked at that page and
since I didn't see
any reference to WAI, I sent an email to the site admin with some questions
and I got here
response below. I still don't understand if they are using WAI as a basis
for accessibility
or they're inventing they're own accessibility rules? Or is the WAI about:
a) "Provide Web Accessibility using whatever appropriate rules", or
b) Provide Web Accessibility through conformance with W3c/WAIrules?

Any helpful comments? Thank you.


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The City of San Jose's web design standards were developed in coordination
with the City of San Jose's Office of Equality Assurance and Information
Technology Department.  No, the City is not in competition with WAI.

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Subject: Web Page Disability Access Design

Hi Nina,

I was going to mention your page (
) as an example of WAI (W3C Web Accessibility Initiative) compliant site but
when I read the intsruction said:
"...Web Page Disability Access Design Standards developed by the Office of
Equality Assurance ..."
How does the Office of Equality assurance relate to WAI? Are they using WAI
guidelines as basis or is it a competing standard?
I appreciate any feedback. Thanks.
Athmane Nouiouat
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