Re: Screen reader question: data table documentation

Follow-up question - does it require the headers attribute to be there, or
does it work with tables that just have specified header cells (using th
elements and the method specified in the HTML specification)?


Charles McCN

On Thu, 4 Jan 2001, Kelly Ford wrote:

  How are you using JFW to read the table?  When I put this table into a web
  page with JFW 3.7 and the Virtual PC on, I hear the header info as I move
  around the table.  You must use ctrl-alt and an arrow key to move from cell
  to cell once you are in the table and be certain you are navigating with the
  Virtual PC on.


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  > I'm trying to implement WAIS 5.1 (For data tables, identify row and column
  > headers) as shown on the WAI site:
  > Jaws 3.7 doesn't read the headers in their sample code:
  > <TR>
  >          <TH id="header1">Name</TH>
  >          <TH id="header2">Cups</TH>
  >          <TH id="header3" abbr="Type">Type of  Coffee</TH>
  > </tr>
  >          <TH id="header4">Sugar?</TH>
  >      <TR>
  >          <TD headers="header1">T. Sexton</TD>
  >          <TD headers="header2">10</TD>
  >          <TD headers="header3">Espresso</TD>
  >          <TD headers="header4">No</TD>
  > </tr>
  > It will read a table summary, but doesn't associate the header with the
  > cell it corresponds to. (Or I'm not configuring it properly.)
  > Here's how the WAI says it should be read:
  > Caption: Cups of coffee consumed by each senator
  >   Summary: This table charts the number of cups of coffee
  >            consumed by each senator, the type of coffee
  >           (decaf or regular), and whether taken with sugar.
  >   Name: T. Sexton, Cups: 10, Type: Espresso, Sugar: No
  >   Name: J. Dinnen, Cups: 5, Type: Decaf, Sugar: Yes
  > Can anyone recommend a different screen reader to test this on? Is there
  > screen reader that supports this yet? I can't implement this until I find
  > way to test it.
  > Thanks,
  > Reidy
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