Re: Controlling headers w/ CSS

first guess (wrong! see below)
h1, h2, { margin-after: 0em }

I think. (I'd need to look at the CSS spec for the various margin properties
to be sure.

(checks and finds that it is
actually margin-bottom I wanted).

h2, h1 {margin-bottom: 0em}

there is a bug in the way that this property is implemented in IE3, which
means it lets everything start on the same line, like a typewriter that
simply moves to the beginning of the line and doesn't do a line-feed. Best
way around would be to check the User agent header, in the request for the
page, and send a modified page. (Javascript sniffing won't work - there are
people running styles but not javascript, and vice versa).

(If you are making a modified page (fairly simple filtering) you might like
to add a note to the top of it explaining that they are using a browesr that
causes some problems and they might like to replace it...



On Wed, 21 Feb 2001, David Clark wrote:


  I know that I have done this before, but I am blanking on a way to implement
  I that will work in today's browsers.

  I am trying to satisfy WCAG 3.5 by using headers rather than font and size,
  but I need to remove the extra whitespace after the headers.

  Any ideas?



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