RE: Any examples of <NOSCRIPT>?

At 08:16 PM 2/20/2001 , Jim Thatcher wrote:
>Quote: So I think they are providing accessibility - access
>to the content for people who do not have JavaScript enabled Endquote.

(Quoting Chaalz above.)

>ABSOLUTELY NOT. The content is in the act of leaving the site -- you get a
>warning that you are leaving the site. 

No, that's the context of the content.  Technically they are
delivering the content, by pre-warning you before you ever leave
the site.

It's the difference between a disclaimer and a pop-up; both are
ways of delivering the information.

Let's say that you go to a museum.  When you leave the doors, a
recorded voice says, "thank you for visiting! we welcome you to
return whenever you like."  The recorded voice is inaccessible to
people who can't hear, clearly.

Instead of putting up signs, for some reason they choose to 
hand out a sheet of paper at the front door which says "if you
leave, keep this in mind: thank you for visiting! we welcome you
to return whenever you like."

They have met their requirement to -provide information-.  There
is not a requirement to provide information -in an acceptable
context-, at least, not in the section 508 regs and not, I don't
think, explicitly in WCAG 1.0 either.

Is this acceptable?  Well, it depends on how you are looking at
the problem.  If you look at it as "how can I use exit pop-ups and
still meet Section 508 (or WCAG)", then I think it "passes".  If
you look at it in terms of providing equal access to information,
it barely passes.  If you look at it in terms of providing an
optimal user interface for each user (the goal of edaptation),
then this fails, because the user experience for a user without
access to scripts is demonstrably "weaker" than that of a user
with access to scripts.

So, it meets the "letter of the law" but to my mind it fails to
perform acceptably.

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   This is why I have always explained to people that my company's
   goal is not simply _making information accessible_, which you
   can do relatively easily, but rather about _providing an ideal
   user experience_ which goes beyond mere access to information
   and incorporates usability and UI design.


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