Screen reader question: data table documentation

I'm trying to implement WAIS 5.1 (For data tables, identify row and column
headers) as shown on the WAI site:

Jaws 3.7 doesn't read the headers in their sample code:
         <TH id="header1">Name</TH>
         <TH id="header2">Cups</TH>     
         <TH id="header3" abbr="Type">Type of  Coffee</TH>   
         <TH id="header4">Sugar?</TH>
         <TD headers="header1">T. Sexton</TD>  
         <TD headers="header2">10</TD>
         <TD headers="header3">Espresso</TD>
         <TD headers="header4">No</TD>

It will read a table summary, but doesn't associate the header with the data
cell it corresponds to. (Or I'm not configuring it properly.)

Here's how the WAI says it should be read:

Caption: Cups of coffee consumed by each senator
  Summary: This table charts the number of cups of coffee
           consumed by each senator, the type of coffee
          (decaf or regular), and whether taken with sugar.
  Name: T. Sexton, Cups: 10, Type: Espresso, Sugar: No
  Name: J. Dinnen, Cups: 5, Type: Decaf, Sugar: Yes

Can anyone recommend a different screen reader to test this on? Is there any
screen reader that supports this yet? I can't implement this until I find a
way to test it.


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