RE: Lotus Domino and Accessible Tables

I'm assuming that you are talking about the Domino designer tool. 
According to the documentation, one can either use the tool to 
generate html code, or one can insert pre-written code.  

For the latter instance, the <TH> tag is supported.  

If the issue is pass through HTML, thats a horse of a different 
color.  Many tools let the developer/designer get away with not 
writing alt tags, etc. Front Page is such a tool, and given that
the Microsoft platform is the most proliferate at the government 
level, it seems a more problematic issue.

Joy Gatewood

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I asked the Lotus folks and they said Lotus does not supprt th. So they are
interested in documenting why it is important.

As a start, it is the feature most easily used by tablin and other software
to extract
information based on being able to find the headers.

Ay other thoughts?

Charles McCN

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