New Web Technology Released - How does this meet with Section 508?

I received this message from another technology e-mail list and found the
point this person raised interesting. I have my own ideas, but would like
to hear other's.

Hi Everyone:

Was rather fascinated with this concept.  But does it comply with the new
section 508 (standards designed to force agencies to become leaders in
adopting electronic and information technology that can be used by people
with a wide range of disabilities. )? hmmmm

When used with a compatible mouse, Immersion's TouchSense
technology lets users enjoy a sense of feeling as they roll their
cursor over selected elements of a Web page. The technology
can be embedded both in Web applications and Web pages, thanks
to a pair of free developer kits released to the public last
week. TouchSense enabled apps and pages work in tandem with
motorized components within the mice, conveying different types
of vibrations to the user's fingertips. The ultimate result is
that a user would be able to "feel" bumps, ridges, or other types
of design elements within pages.

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Received on Wednesday, 3 January 2001 11:43:21 UTC