RE: server side images for geographic mapping data

At 08:50 AM 1/18/01, Robert Neff wrote:
><<Is there a list server for 508 questions?  As much as I dislike more list
>servers, I do think this may be the best recource.  Personnally, I would
>like to have one place to monitor or ask questions, for example the IG,
>however, not sure that is feasible.>>
There is the list mentioned by Jim Thatcher a few days ago. I haven't been 
subbed to it & don't know how official it is.


"It seems that a good place to ask these kinds of 508 questions is the Sec508
list hosted by Trace, All the Trace lists are listed
at; in particular to subscribe to
sec508 send a note to with a message that says
"subscribe sec508 <your first name> <your last name>" without the quotes.
You can find the archives of the lists through the above trace website.


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