Re: Frame Title and Screenreader Access

> Is "title" intended to have this function?
> Is the "name" attribute the one that is generally the context identifier
> for screenreaders?

Neither is supposed to have this function; the noframes section is
supposed to have the function!

The use of frame names is a work around for blank no frames and
"you need to 'upgrade' your browser" no frames first used by Lynx,
but then adopted by Amaya, at least.  It is only marginally successful
because the pages that need it tend to name frames left, top or
centre, rather than indicating their function.

The use of title is just the obvious generalisation of title to 
frame elements.  I would reckon the chances of finding title on a page
that doesn't already have a useful noframes element are negligible.

Received on Saturday, 17 February 2001 18:19:52 UTC