Re: Keyboard Alternatives and Vision Solutions

> I am trying to address accessibility issues for

The page is structurally broken (including, at least in the intended
structure (though not the one that Lynx perceives) overlapping 
big and p elements++.  Before feeding it through any other automated
tools, you need to fix the structure (e.g. use HTML tidy or

The first missing alt is probably a case of using alt="", to suppress
a purely decorative image.

I don't know why Bobby is able to recognize misuse of blockquote, but
you seem to be using it to indicate indent on both sides, not a quotation,
which is semantically broken.  Maybe Bobby is just warning you that 
blockquote is hardly ever used correctly.

++ You have <big><p align="right">......</big><br>..... in your headings
(which are not marked as headings!).  Lynx recovers from the error of
including <p> within <big>, by ignoring the content model==, but can't cope
with the nesting error at the </big>, so inserts the missing (optional)
</p> (every browser should infer a /p at this point, unless they have
closed the big before the p).  The result is that the br and onwards
are treated as part of a run of text outside of any formal paragraph,
so formatted as a paragraph with default styling, not as, I suspect was
intended, a right justified second line of the original paragraph.

What is really intended here probably goes a little beyond HTML's 
structure model, in that you want an h1 heading and a subheading that
isn't really an h2.

== I'm assuming an HTML4 content model, in case it differs from the
one that you claim in your doctype, as you use many elements not in
HTML 2.  I can't remember if HTML 2 permits <big><p>...</p></big>.

Received on Saturday, 20 January 2001 10:17:53 UTC