Re: <HR>

Charles McCathieNevile, at 12:41 -0500 on Thu, 8 Mar 2001, wrote:

    So, to rely on CSS, or to use hr for now - that is the question...

Personally, I just moved from using pure <div>/CSS to using <hr> because
at least with <hr>, there is at least the chance of getting some semantics
into the document.  Even though the <hr> brings along some presentational
bits, these can be overriden with CSS.  With <div>/CSS, one totally misses
out on any semantics; this is a much greater loss, in my opinion.

There is also the niceness about using empty elements (such as <hr>) for
dividers, than nesting elements (such as <div>).  The <hr> needs to have
no knowledge of what comes before or after it, or how far it the new
section extends into the document; it is merely a separator for the
document at the current level of nesting.

div's, on the other hand, need to encapsulate the entire block they are
separating off.  While this might seem clean from a clean-nested-block
mentality, it makes the document unnecessarily complex, I feel.

Frank Tobin

Received on Thursday, 8 March 2001 13:19:28 UTC