Testing Cold Fusion Code [was Aaargh]


Do you have any tips on testing cold fusion code for accessibility? I'm 
talking about the source that the server sees, not the pages the user sees 
after processing by the server.

For example, do we just strip out the CF?  Or is there something better?


Jim wrote

It would appear that you were looking at a dynamically created page.
Specifically, a Cold Fusion created page.  There are three very easy ways to
tell when you hit Cold Fusion pages:

1) The file name in the url (if present) will end in .cfm
2) The source code will (probably) contain a lot of blank lines which is
where the actual CF code is.  Since it is processed on the server, it
outputs a blank line for every line of CF code.  This can be turned off in
CF administrator.
3) Any error messages displaying anything in pound signs is CF code.

So, while I don't doubt the source code is bad, a bunch of blank lines is
not a stupid trick to hide source code as you have postulated.

As for the errors, it sounds like they need a little help with their CF
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