Re: Caution about Style Sheets

"Leonard R. Kasday" wrote:

> Another thing that can go wrong is to use CSS classes that mean something,
> e.g. define a class that means "out of stock" which shows up in, say,
> italic or a particular font.  When you turn off style sheets there's no way
> to tell that an item is a member of that class, unless you have some
> redundant marking.

I agree that this would be a problem.  I'm wondering
whether any of the WAI Guidelines directly address it.
Checkpoint 2.1 prevents you from using color as the
only status indicator, but doesn't address italics
or font changes.  Certainly the implication would
be that you should not depend on any presentational
markup (alternatively, that doesn't have equivalent
functional text?), but I haven't seen this in the
checkpoints.  Have I overlooked something, or should
2.1 perhaps be extended beyond just color?

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