RE: Simplicity of Authoring and Accessibility Tools

Good point, and a point in favor of IDEs in general. Too bad we're being
forced to choose between ease of use and good code.

Charles Munat

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With regards to Charles' dicussion of using FP vs. simply learning HTML, I
might point out that there's a lot more to building a website (and to
FrontPage) then simply writing the HTML.  Lots of things impact the
effectiveness and quality of your site - for *all* the readers of your site.
If your navigation is poor, you don't provide a search capability, your
links are broken, pages are unreachable, pages are too big, etc it hurts
everyone who is trying to use it.  I don't doubt that Charles understands
this, but it was completely omitted from his discussion of choosing a proper
tool.  FrontPage (and other web development tools) help address all these
areas, as well as many more practical problems that multiple people
collaborating on a web site experience.


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