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At 08:48 AM 2001-01-30 +0100, Jim Thatcher wrote:
>I have a question on 12.1 (Priority 1):
>12.1 Title each frame to facilitate frame identification and navigation.
><end quote>
>If each frame page has a (good, informative) title element, but there is no
>name attribute or title attribute on the frame elements within the frameset
>element, do you think that satisfies 12.1?

I don't think so, Jim.  It's not the same thing.

The frame contents can change from time to time within the same frame.  The
title of the frame content should be different for each change.  The frame
title should stay the same, appropriate to all the different changes of
contents that you are going to put into that frame.

The user is supposed to be able to remember the titles of the frames as their
contents change, and move among them by what they remember.  Changing
titles on
frame load breaks the function intended for the frame titles requested in
12.1.  A frameset is supposed to be more rational, more organized, than a
random set of open windows.  You can cycle through open windows with ALT-TAB,
but this is supposed to be more helpful than that.

Also in different scale environments, such as a mobile environment, there
is no
guarantee that the frame content is going to be recovered immediately.  The
title of the frame has to be available from the document declaring the
frameset, and not just learned bottom-up from the contents.




Orientation for navigation is all about "what it is, among what you remember,
that you can trust to extrapolate from."  See also

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