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Morning Kynn,

Mia culpa, I take your point and have slept on it. I apologise to this
group, if my tirade yesterday was perceived to be having a pop at a rival,
that was not the case but I can see how it could have been seen as such.

Mia maxima culpa.

And yes I do at times feel frustrated, but the fact remains I am still
seriously miffed not at the actual sponsorship, good luck to them. But at a
major player in the communication field, and one of this countries largest
companies not only to be endorsing something that is not correct but then
screaming it through the media. They should know better, it is the ' look
what grand people we are helping all these poor disabled people' attitude
that got me going. I find it insulting to say the least and I am not
disabled. If they really wanted to help did they really need the press
releases that went along with that help. I would have hoped that a multi
billion pound organization would have been bigger internally than that. It
was total and callous exploitation of disabled people to get perceived good

Frankly if British Telecom wanted good press then perhaps the money would
have been better spent getting their own website accessible. For a
communication company in a monopoly situation (they own the entire telephone
line network in the UK) not to be able to communicate with millions of
disabled people I find staggering. But to then be endorsing accessibility
through the press when their own site isn't accessible I find really hard to

And whilst I find there is still some humble pie left, I also say sorry to
Cast, bobby is a brilliant tool, I use it nearly every day, I suppose they
are a victim of their own success at times.

Still miffed, and not bowed, but saying a sincere sorry to this group as a
whole. This is my last posting on the matter.

Paul Davis The portal website for disabled people and associated

Received on Tuesday, 6 February 2001 04:45:50 UTC