RE: Consumers combat pop-ups with software, Tricks

> Should the use of pop-up windows be avoided all together?

If possible. But if you must use them, don't forget that you should tell the
user that a new window will open, and preferably tell them that they are in
a new window as well.

<a href="" title="Opens a new window.">link</a>


<a href="" alt="Opens a new window.">link</a>


<a href="">link (in a new window)</a>


Then once the window is opened make the first line: "This is a new window."

Otherwise a blind user may have no idea that a new window is open and will
likely be quite confused when the Back button doesn't work.

You'd probably rather avoid new windows...

Charles F. Munat,
Seattle, Washington

Received on Thursday, 8 February 2001 06:56:33 UTC