Re: use of alt attributes in decorative images

I think we are scratching the surface here and that is why I feel that
it is important to use a broad a brush to paint with as possible.  use
title for those that can pick it up and make sure it can still
bepicked up by the rest of the 9 10ths that cannot.

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At 09:26 AM 2/5/2001 , Bailey, Bruce wrote:
>Okay, I am using the latest version of JFW on a Windows 2000 box.
>When I come across an image (not inside a link) that has BOTH a title
>alt attributes, JAWS reads ONLY the title -- and I can not get it to
>the alt content!

This sounds to me like a user agent problem, not a markup problem.
The markup is done properly, but the assistive technology fails
on it; whose responsibility is it to correct this problem?

In my opinion, it's on the shoulders of the JFW people -- but if
someone is specifically designing an interface for JFW (such as
an edaptive system that recognizes JAWS), the optimal code for that
user agent should be delivered.

>IMHO titles belong on links -- and that's about it.  (Yes, Kynn, I
know the
>specs allow them just about everywhere, but that's not the point.)

Sure it is -- the user agent is not respecting the spec, and neither
is your humble opinion, so why should we listen to either?  Title is
meant to be used, potentially, EVERYWHERE, and a user agent which
breaks on such a circumstance is a faulty user agent.

The question then becomes whether or not you should compensate for
that problem in the user agent (in my model with an edaptive
interface, I would say yes), but you surely should not condone this
type of faulty behavior by suggesting that _only_ links can have
titles, because JFW got it wrong.


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