Re: Forms????

Forms you can fill out online are neither anathema nor panacaea.

Evidently you haven't read either the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines nor
the draft User Agent Accessibility Guidelines.  Both of these contain
information clarifying what works and doesn't work in online forms.

As a service provider, you should offer and advertise an alternative to Web
forms, for example via 800 number and/or plain text email.  But web forms can
be highly successful in serving people with disabilities.

From what little I know, people with disabilities are significantly
involved in
using Web commerce and is a generally usable site, for example.


At 11:34 AM 2001-03-08 -0600, Hemm, Randy [IMS] wrote:
>I am new to the list and Web Compliance. 
>I am trying to find out what the feeling is toward online forms...that is,
>forms that can be filled out online. 
>I don't see any reference to forms in the information I have read. 
>Are these a No No, or does it depend on how they are presented?
>Thanks for any information on this subject. 
>Randy Hemm, MCSE
>Web Server Administrator
>Division of Information Systems and Communications
>Department of Administration
>State of Kansas

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