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Unfortunately, what you need to do is test them on a range of screen readers,
or simply pick the one that has all the failings available in screen readers
that are used. Unless you are prepared to buy the same screen reader for
everyone out there trying to use the content...

Windows 2000 and MacOS since version 7.5 or so have basic screen readers
built in, and I saw an announcement for a shareware or free screenreader for
Macintosh (basically enhancing the functionality to something like the
expensive products people need to do a job). There are also several free
screenreaders available for linux - the most famous is probably emacspeak,
but since that is also one of the best audio interfaces available for any
system it doesn't meet the criteria of taking account of limitations people
have to work with.


Charles McCN

On Wed, 3 Jan 2001, Schuur, Shawn M wrote:

  What is the best screen reader available to test pages on?

  -Shawn Schuur

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