Re: server side images for geographic mapping data

Hi Shawn.

Just a note here to add to the other comments. If you don't know of these 
links, there are ones at the DOJ specifically designed to address issues, 
specifications and evaluations of readiness of government IT accessibility, 
much to do with Section 508. Some also to do with training, etc. I could see 
this size of a project being (perhaps)  helped by actual Govt. agency 
evaluation, qualification for funding, etc. Just a thought. Links:

Daniel Smith

>From: Kynn Bartlett <>
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>Subject: Re: server side images for geographic mapping data
>Date: Thu, 18 Jan 2001 12:15:23 -0800
>At 08:16 AM 1/18/2001 , Schuur, Shawn M wrote:
> >We have a huge problem and I was looking for some feedback on what to do 
> >accessibility and Section 508.
>Shawn, accessibility and Section 508 are different but related
>things.  If you ask "how do I make it accessible?", that's like
>asking, "how do I make this safer?"  But if you ask "how do I
>meet Section 508?", that's the same as asking "how do I meet
>specific OSHA guidelines on safety?"
>I can tell you a lot of things about making your home or house
>safer, but if you want to meet specific regulatory standards,
>you will need to check with the people who set the regulations.
>The WAI list can be thought of as a general list about safety,
>which has published their -own- list of safety guidelines, but
>who are not the people who set the rules you have to follow.  So
>an answer you'd get about how to make something safer may or
>may not answer your question of "do I meet this rule or not?",
>although the answer may have value in other ways.
>I hope this explains a bit about why it's very hard to answer
>your questions when asked on the WAI list.
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>Technical Developer Relations, Reef 
>Chief Technologist, Idyll Mountain Internet
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>Unofficial Section 508 Checklist

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