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I am not sure it you are covered by the section 508
legislation, but if you are you will need to ensure
that your on-line forms are consistent with 1194.22(n)
of that legislation:-

'When electronic forms are designed to be completed
on-line, the form shall allow people using assistive
technology to access the information, field elements,
and functionality required for completion and
submission of the form, including all directions and

This of course begs for a definition of 'assistive
technology', you will need to decide what assistive
technology to test with.

I have written an article on producing accessible
forms in Domino, if you are interested in that email

So, to answer your question, they are not a no-no and
it does depend on how they are presented.

Graham Oliver

--- "Hemm, Randy [IMS]" <>
wrote: > I am new to the list and Web Compliance. > >
I am trying to find out what the feeling is toward >
online forms...that is, > forms that can be filled out
online. > > I don't see any reference to forms in the
> information I have read. > > Are these a No No, or
does it depend on how they are > presented? > > Thanks
for any information on this subject. > > Randy Hemm,
MCSE > Web Server Administrator > Division of
Information Systems and Communications > Department of
Administration > State of Kansas > 785-296-8347 > >
> > > 

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