Re: playing sounds in netscape, using javascript


I did a project like this for the California School for the Blind last 
Spring through my Master's program in Geography (emphasis in Geographic 
Information Systems) at San Jose State University. The purpose was to show 
the spatial relationship of buildings on a web-based campus map to the 
blind, and/or those with limited vision.  (Hopefully we'll get the map up 
on their web site soon).  When hovering the mouse over a building, Netscape 
would respond with the name of the Facility.

I'll need to pull the code and project off my laptop and put it someplace 
you can get to it.


At 07:25 PM 1/15/2001 +0000, you wrote:
>If anyone knows of a simple way of using onmouseover (javascript) to play wav
>files please send me the code or url/
> has an example that works for >ie4, but not Konqueror or
>Jonathan Chetwynd
>Learning Difficulties teacher(IT)

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