Re: ISO-HTML and headers / form elements

Nicolas Lesbats wrote:

> 1. Why headers are just authorised in the BODY element ?

They have set a very strong policy on the proper use of headers.
For example, you cannot omit header levels.  They also assume that
the documents are purely logically structured with no layout tricks.

Especially, given that most elements that should really be headings
are actually in table cells used for layout, I think they are going
to find that these rules achieve the opposite effect to that intended 
by making people avoid headings even more than they do (which is almost
completely already).  That's for the few people who attempt to comply
with the letter.

> In my pages, I always work with divisions (DIV) inside BODY.
> 2. Why form elements are only accepted in FORM and FIELDSET elements ?

I don't know about this one, and am having some trouble parsing the 
English.  It does seem to eliminate non-forms script use of form
elements, which might be a good thing :-).  I assume that you mean
that the content model for FORM and FIELDSET is something like
%formelement, rather than something like %block + %formelement.

Received on Saturday, 13 January 2001 05:22:32 UTC