RE: Process/Procedure for Accessibility Testing of Software

Wow, what a great resource Mike's reply is!

Just one little thing.  I got lost just at the end.

At 07:55 AM 2001-03-07 -0500, Mike Paciello wrote:
>Kynn --
>However, the usability processes and methodologies created to perform
>quality usability testing can be employed with/for people with disabilities.
>The key is accommodatation. I have found this to be the greatest challenge
>for mainstream usability companies.

Can you expand just a bit on what you mean by 'accomodation' in this
What is it that the mainstream of usability skills and practice doesn't quite
prepare you for in doing disability access evaluations?


>Hope this helps.
>- Mike
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>> Hi folks -- anyone got any pointers to references/material on how
>> to test specific pieces of software to see if they are
>> "accessible" (for common definitions of the word)?  I need to gather
>> some things to show my QA/testing folks that they can understand.
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