RE: server side images for geographic mapping data

Is there a call center or help line (phone or email) where people could call
in for information?

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Subject:	server side images for geographic mapping data

Hi, I work for the USGS at EROS Data Center.

We have a huge problem and I was looking for some feedback on what to do for
accessibility and Section 508.

We are a satellite and aerial photography organization that generates our
online maps through server-side maps that are dynamically created via a map
server based on latitude and longitude.

Obviously a blind user would not be able to see the map or know what they
were clicking on and keyboard strokes are limited for navigation.  We do
have alternative searching mechanisms such as searching by a place name or
by typing in the coordinates but is necessary for the map server to
dynamically map out the chosen coordinates.

What do we need to do to make it accessible?

Thank you,
Shawn Schuur
EROS Data Center

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