accesible Websites/make-overs

Hallo Mister Bohman,

At first I want to apologize that my English is not so good. I hope you
can understand this mail.

I am a beginning Webdesigner and only intend  to make accessible
webpages. My first website a fansite of the
german band H=F6hner (means chickens), is already twice tested by blind
people with braille-computers They mailed me that everything was to be
read and the links could be followed very easily. Most of the 500 links
are contained in  sentences. I got many reactions that my site is very
comic. Also.. ist that what you mean when you say accessible sites don't
need to be boring or ugly.

Is it perhaps so that a good webmaster must not have only the
programmingtechniques  to make a site, but also must be a creative
person to make a site funny  And perhaps the creativity  is more
important than the first? And that is the reason that many sites are 
well programmed but very borring? Is creativity to learn or is it only a
talent you have or not?    

Plaese, can you also mail me what the tag is in xhtml when I want that a
link also can be followed by keyboardusers. I have he book "Beginning
xhtml", advised on the w3c-site  but I don't quite understand page
139/140 about area-attributes. Then I can also make the forms  in this
site accessible for disabled people.20

I hope you can help me and also mail me of it is necessary to to
create a make-over of the already mentioned fansite.

Kind regards of the Netherlands
Ineke van der Maat

Received on Thursday, 29 March 2001 06:16:55 UTC