First European UIML conference

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FIRST EUROPEAN CONFERENCE ON UIML ( User Interface Markup Language )

			UIML    EUROPE    2001

		Ecole Nationale des arts et Metiers

		151 boulevard de l'Hôpital, Paris, France

			    March 8-9 2001

UIML (User Interface Markup Language) is a new language - conforming to XML - for describing graphic user interfaces in a way that is independant of peripherals. These interfaces
may contain lists, buttons, menus, and other application controls, and UIML also describes their event-driven interactions with the application.. Renderers can translate the UIML
description into HTML, WML, JAVA ...

UIML is intended for all professionnal developpers of graphical interfaces : Web, specific applications, WAP ...

Discovering UIML : the first European conference dedicated to UIML:

To promote UIML and its usage in Europe, the authors of the language, together with European university or industry experts, join their efforts and organise the first European conference
dedicated to UIML. It will present the following elements :

      Overview of UIML 
      Technical presentation 
      First examples of usage and applications 
      Learning UIML : demonstrations and tutorials.

This conference is intended for industry and business developpers who are interested or active in the development of GUIs, and also for actors in the University (teachers,
students) and Research communities.

Talks will be given by the designers of the language from Virginia Tech University ( and from Harmonia, Inc. ( ), and also by European
experts with the support of the DESS Ingénierie Documentaire et Multimedia of the University of Evry in France, the Aristote association,, and other entities.

Registration is FREE but MANDATORY on the Web site of the conference :

where you can download the program of the conference 

For all further information, please contact :

       ARISTOTE Association

Phone : + 33 1 69 33 43 86
Fax   : + 33 1 69 33 30 35
Email :
Web   :

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