Bobby rating over rated

Hi Kynn,

The problem we face is that "Bobby Compliant" may become more
important than "accessible."  (Note that I think there is also a
danger with "WCAG Compliant" in the same way, but at the moment that
risk is smaller than the Bobby problem.)

In other words, people get confused and they think that what they are
trying to do is get a Bobby logo for their front page, when really
what they -should- do is try to make their web pages more accessible.

Pleasantly surprised to note we are singing from the same hymn sheet on
this, ( did I really use that expression? sorry) Ten-20 recently lost out on
a lucrative contract/web build because I stupidly mentioned in the tender
that a Bobby compliant logo was not a vital requirement and did not always
signify accessibility anyway. The contract went to poptel whose own website
is totally inaccessible. Hypocrisy rules it appears. I am totally convinced
that well meaning people in large charities and Government circles are too
convinced of the infallibility of Bobby.

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Paul Davis The portal website for disabled people and associated

Received on Monday, 5 February 2001 04:45:59 UTC