Re: Printing shockwave?


You should be able to print from the File menu in the browser.
I tried these in Netscape and the print preview looked fine.

If that doesn't work for you, then a screen capture will.  Download
WinGrab 1.22a or other free screen capture software.  It's easy
to use, and you can print from there.  Email me directly if you'd
like some assistance.

Sue Hill
Science Animator

Jonathan Chetwynd wrote:

> or visit click on games and then 9 to 5
> This was an outrageously succesful twenty minutes for our group of adults
> with moderate to severe learning difficulties. The most enjoyable activity
> we've had on the computer in a long while.
> Everyone navigated themselves there, from the 'pussycat' icon on their
> desktop, and remembered from last weeks demo, what to do, and did it
> unaided, apart from one student in a wheelchair with very limited hand
> movements, who gave guidance to his aid.
> Our only dissapointment was not being able to print off the various designs.
> (what option)
> another game
> provides a print button, when you've finished.
> Is there a generic means to print these shockwave images, print screen
> misses the point. ie5.5 or worse, in win98. or perhaps another browser?
> any ideas please?
> tx again
> jonathan chetwynd
> IT teacher (LD)

Received on Tuesday, 6 February 2001 16:37:13 UTC