Re: 508 wording/intent

> >As our forms cannot and are not intended to be completed online, they are
> >currently not covered by the regulations.

I'd guess it was within the letter but not the spirit.

It does seem to mean that one is left in the worst possible position with
only an effective paper form, as PDF forms can be made online completable,
either with online submission, or for subsequent printing.  That's definitely
going to help people with poor dexterity, compared with paper only, 
probably helps people with poor eyesight, as they can enlarge the form 
easily on screen, and will help the blind to the extent that the assistive
technology is up to it.

If one wants to avoid the original problem, you need to have legislation
requiring electronic forms in the first place.  If that forces Acrobat
forms off government web sites, Adobe needs to provide authoring tools
to make the forms accessible and work with assistive technology suppliers,
to ensure that the markup from those tools is used.

Received on Sunday, 18 February 2001 06:13:37 UTC